Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Extract Class Refactor Built in QtCreator

Following up from my post about how I think about inheritance yesterday, I thought I'd do a quick post about a refactoring feature built into the QtCreator editor.

In this example, I decided I wanted to add a box that lets the user enter a name for a high score if they achieved it, and then to display all the high scores. I got started by creating an UbuntuShape with a column and sub components in main.qml, but quickly realized that I will have a lot of behavior and presentation to manage. This would be much easier to develop in it's own component (or "class" as I think of it).

So, I just right clicked in the editor and used the refactoring menu to "Move Component into Separate File." 
I got a dialog that asked for a name, I chose "HighScoreBox" and it created a new file for me, and replaced all of my QML code in main.qml with just the little bit of code needed to declare the object.

Now I am ready to properly develop the behavior for the component. Like any good refactoring tool, the code kept working. 

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